The Florida Department of Education has released school grades for the 2017-18 school year which show the state now has more than 1,000 “A” schools (1,027), up from 987 in 2017, while the percentages of schools earning an “A” or “B” grade increased to 58%, compared to 56% last year. Meanwhile, a total of 96% of schools graded “F” in 2016-2017 improved their grade by one of more letter grades. “Our years of historic investment in Florida’s K-12 education system are paying off,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said. “The ability to get a great public education empowers our students to live their dreams in Florida. This is why since 2011 funding for Florida’s K-12 public schools has increased by $4.5bn.” However, critics of the grading system were quick to point out their doubts about the system and the positive spin offered by state leaders. “Shocked, shocked to see a fraudulent measure go up in an election year,” Polk County school board member Billy Townsend tweeted. “School grades are fraud, whether they go up or down. End them.”